What You May Not Know About Coaching

  • Success is individual – the first step to achieving it is defining it
  • Effective coaching isn’t a formula – it caters to differences in learning and interaction styles
  • Coaching is mostly about what happens after the coaching session

You already know everything you need to know – you may just need a little help recognizing that.

As coach, Ruth Littlejohn serves as your partner, your advisor, your sounding board, your confidante. She has helped clients at all levels navigate the rough waters of organizational change. Through continuing one-on-one sessions that include assessment, goal-setting, and action planning, as well as formal assignments and debriefings, she will help you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Build skills
  • Be a more effective leader
  • Define and achieve your goals
  • Derive greater enjoyment from your work . . . and from your life

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