“A problem well stated is a problem half solved” (Charles Kettering)

Through coaching, Ruth provides a way for you to leverage her experience and insight as you work on meeting your own business and personal challenges. The first phase of your coaching experience is to collaborate with Ruth on define exactly what is it that’s standing between you and success? Once that’s accomplished, you’ll be ideally positioned to articulate a set of goals that correspond to your true requirements for success.

A definition of “success” that means something to you

Ruth has worked with everyone from captains of industry to middle managers to individual contributors. She connects immediately with CEOs and CFOs because for many years she worked directly with senior management as a Human Resources executive within two major corporations. Many of her clients first sought her help when they realized that “success” in business doesn’t necessarily translate into personal or even professional fulfillment. Ruth helped them articulate definitions of success that came closer to what they really hoped to achieve.

A customized approach, tailored to who you are

And just as definitions of success vary from one person to the next, so does the optimal approach for getting to that goal. Ruth recognizes that people respond best to a coaching style that is in sync with their own favored styles of learning and interaction. For some clients, this may be a half-hour weekly phone call – for others, it may be a longer, face-to-face session. Most insights through coaching are client-driven, but for some clients a more directive approach may be called for at times. Ruth guarantees a customized coaching experience ideally suited to every client’s needs and communication style. Some of her clients have asked Ruth to adapt their coaching experience for other members of their organizations, either through additional one-on-one coaching or through customized workshops.

From one who’s been there

Through her own work in the areas of personal and professional development, Ruth has garnered the listening skills, the experience, and the intuition needed to zero in on what’s really going on in her clients’ lives. Her clients value their relationship with Ruth because they know they can count on honest, thoughtful guidance every step of the way.

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