What You May Not Know About Consulting

  • The first step in helping clients solve problems is helping them understand who they are
  • Beware of consultants who show up with a solution before they even hear the problem
  • Consulting is mostly about what happens after the consultant leaves

Change is not to be feared and avoided, but to be welcomed and embraced.

Whether working with government organizations, private industry, nonprofits, educational institutions, senior executives or administrative assistants, Ruth has one major focus: to help her clients become clear about who they are. For it’s only through gaining an understanding of ourselves that we’re able to place our problems and, eventually, our solutions within a context that supports individual vision and wisdom and change. The cornerstones of Ruth’s consulting practice are:

  • No prefabricated solutions or boilerplate advice
  • Everyone is a leader, but before you can lead others you must be able to lead yourself
  • As an individual and a member of an organization, each of us is unique – the best solution for Organization A may be unworkable for Organization B
  • The only return that justifies using a consultant is getting the best solutions for your problem

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