Getting the audience involved

Ruth has much to share, and inspires her audiences by recounting stories from her life that help others see possibilities for their own lives. She is humorous, spontaneous, and, above all, credible. She knows who her clients are, and is not afraid to let her clients know who she is. Her speeches are interactive, often featuring the kind of lively give-and-take that most workshop facilitators only dream of. A Ruth Littlejohn speech has never – and could never – be described as a passive experience.

What every successful individual and organization needs to know

Ruth has shared valuable insights with organizations through keynote speeches in a number of critical areas, including:

Motivating teams – In “How to Get Team Members to Fly,” Ruth helps team members to identify the different hats they wear, and to discover how they can use their personal power to enhance group dynamics and productivity. She shows how the recent call by corporate management for risk-taking and out-of-the-box thinking need not put undue pressure on a team or its individuals, but rather can present an opportunity for a far more fulfilling application of creative and analytical skills than most employees have ever known. Ruth’s goal is not to administer a one-time “injection” of motivation, but rather to help organizations and individuals create an environment in which they can motivate themselves on a continuous basis.

Partnership – In “Partnership is the Dance of the New Millennium,” Ruth discusses the phases of partnering, the costs and benefits of it, and the internal and external conversations that go with it. This informative and amusing presentation uses the metaphor of dance to illustrate what each partner must do to support the development of the partnership.

Self-Acceptance – In “A Journey to Self-Acceptance,” Ruth shares her own experience in achieving self-acceptance and discusses the importance of self-acceptance in surviving the often turbulent times awaiting one in the workplace. Through humor, insight, honesty, inspiration, and practical guidance, Ruth explains how relationships, support systems, and one’s own views on perfection can shape efforts at change and the individual’s perception of success and failure.

It’s all about results

Because she has managed major departments at insurance companies, Ruth knows what a bottom-line return is all about. Not surprisingly, she views keynote speaking not as her contribution to filling a timeslot at a conference, but as a highly effective means of engaging people to bring about desired results. If her approach is unorthodox, that’s because she has seen – and been told by clients – just how effective it is. Her speeches often result in management requests for follow-up activities – including customized workshops – that focus more closely on the application of her insights.



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